Sheriffhales Village Hall Conditions of Hire 

These conditions apply to all hiring of the Hall. If the Hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following, please ask the Booking Secretary to clarify.

The Hirer is to be present, or arrange for sufficient competent representatives to be present, throughout the hiring to ensure the conditions contained, or referred to in the Hall Booking Conditions and any applicable licences are complied with.

The Hirer is responsible for any damage or loss to the Hall & grounds during the hire period, and for the Hall & grounds being left in a satisfactory clean condition. If the Hall & grounds are left in an unsatisfactory state, or if there is loss or damage, the booking deposit will be forfeit. In extreme cases any additional costs for cleaning, repairs or loss replacement may be levied on the Hirer.

The Hirer is responsible for any performing or alcohol licences required.

The Hirer is responsible for any losses/personal injury belonging to the hirer/their guests, paying or otherwise, and not covered by the Hall’s insurance. E.G someone falling over. breaking an arm, not directly attributable to the Hall Facilities

Maximum capacity of 120 persons must not be exceeded.

All bookings include use of kitchen and contents and must be left clean and tidy as found.

Floors to all areas must be swept and tidied after use. All spills are to be cleaned up immediately.

Toilets and sinks must be left clean and tidy as found.

Smoking is prohibited in the Hall by Law. All smokers are requested only to smoke to the right of the main entrance and through the wooden gate. Please use the sand bucket to dispose of cigarette ends and not the floor.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to enforce this and will forfeit some or all of their booking deposit if this is not adhered to.

Tables and chairs must be clean and returned to the left-hand store cupboard in the hall.

All rubbish and recycling  must be removed from the premises.

Decorations such as balloons and streamers are not permitted unless agreed with beforehand by the Booking Secretary. Walls and furnishings must not be marked (Blu Tac to be used instead of Sellotape and removed at the end of hire).

Any electrical equipment brought onto the Hall premises by the Hirer, or on behalf of the Hirer (i.e. Music players, Disco equipment, Etc.) must be PAT Certified.

No animals (including birds), except guide dogs are to be brought into the building, without written permission on the occasion of a special event or hire agreed to by the Village Hall committee.

NO animals whatsoever are allowed enter the kitchen at any time.

Improper operation of the Fire Alarm or extinguishers will result in the automatic loss of the deposit. Fire Doors MUST remain unobstructed during a let.

Fireworks. Bringing Fireworks into, or the ignition of Fireworks in the Hall or grounds, is expressly forbidden.

Consumption of Alcohol. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to have the necessary licence for the sale of alcohol in Sheriffhales Village Hall. This will normally be obtained by the Bar licensee. A copy of the licence must be given to the Booking Secretary before the keys are handed over. Strictly no licence, no let. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that the Licensing Conditions as required by Law are met.

It is important to respect those who live in the proximity of the Hall.  Please park cars sensibly to avoid obstruction of the highway or access road ensuring no excessive noise occurs, particularly late at night or early morning, with a minimum of noise being made by any person on arrival or departure. It is the hirer’s responsibility to enforce this and will forfeit some or all of their booking deposit if this is not adhered to.

Cancellation by the Hirer. If the Hirer cancels the booking before the date of the event the Village

Hall Committee may, at their discretion, retain part or all of the deposits and hire charge already paid.

Cancellation by the Village Hall. The Village Hall reserves the right to cancel a hiring by written notice to the Hirer. In any such case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit or hire fees already paid, but the Village Hall shall not be liable for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.


We thank you for your co-operation and hope that you enjoy the use of our Village Hall. If you have, please tell others; if you have not, please tell us.



The Management Committee reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time.

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